URN to Replace Atomkraft at Old Grave Fest VI

Black/Thrash Metal

ATOMKRAFT will have to cancel their appearance this year, due to certain unexpected developments. Here’s the band statement for the OGF audience: “Due to the new Venom Inc release and live shows, there has been an overlap and unfortunately the guitarist is also not able to travel. We apologize and regret it very much, but it is beyond our control so we will reschedule as soon as possible and see you soon.”

As always, we’ll make our best to make it happen another time.

Alas, not all news is bad, since the slot has swiftly gone to none other than mighty URN. A little history:

Canada 1989. Blasphemy releases their first demo and, across the ocean, in Finland, Beherit is born, laying thus the foundations to the unholy family that will spawn the monstrous bestial war black metal.

Australia, 1994. 5 years of breeding like the black plague’s rats, and the bestial monster vomits one the fiercest commandos of blasphemous metal: Deströyer 666. Two oceans apart, same year, Finland sees the rising of URN. Coincidences? We think not. There’s something devilish in the way Finland responds to the spread of satanic metal.

2017. Returning from a 9 year absence, URN reveals the fourth and arguably best release of their career, The Burning, featuring some great cuts that will surely be presented on the Old Grave Fest’s scene. If your doctor prescribed URN, rest assured, The Burning contains all needed vitamins, now with minerals as well: the unforgettable speed riffs of 666 Megatons, the heavy metal insertions of Dawn of Devastation, the frantic pace of Soul Destroyer, but the devil’s in the details! Everything is enveloped in ample atmosphere, with solos like virgins weeping in Hell and old school war metal blast beats, while the general superior sound of the album enhances and flavors the infernal recipe. It’s really a shame that one won’t be able to attend the show in Fabrica and, at the same time, stand outside to see how it rains burning angels!



Details about daily schedule and one-day tickets coming soon!

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