The Thirteenth Sun – “Stardust” album launch / Special guest – Black Water

September 26, Control Club, Bucharest

The Thirteenth Sun – “Stardust” album launch
Special guest: Black Water
September 26, Control Club, Bucharest

+ Brutus! special bar offer ( 50% discount after 22.00h)

Following the first material launched in 2012, “Genesis” EP, The Thirteenth Sun launched in May this year the first full-lenght, titled Stardust, under Aural Music label.

Described as an individual journey that can be related to every listener, Stardust represent an attempt to ask, without having expectations or receiving a definite answer. Musically, the album is truly an escapade from routine, in the attempt to encompass the immeasurable and infinite quantum of the possibilities ahead of us.

Recorded in Conosance Studio, having Edmond Karban (dordeduh) as producer and also guest on the album, the mastering was made by Martin Zeller, while the graphic design is signed by Costin Chioreanu (Ulver, Arcturus, Enslaved, Arch Enemy). Stardust is already available as CD format, digital download, vinyl and can be ordered here:

“The music builds from a crystalline hypnotic melody over a bass-led rhythm, gradually becoming heavier through the addition of a jabbing riff, and heavier still as the riffing and the vocals become more urgent, building a sense of mounting tension. The vocals are a significant reason for the song’s allure. Rather than harsh, they’re high and soaring… but they become intense, just as the music does.” No Clean Singing

“Having an atmospheric touch in its essence and also an experimental side to the entire concept, the band has found an ideal place to expose the light of the “Stardust” album, that place being Aural Music, where experimental and ambient are very familiar words and boundaries are being redefined and explored constantly.” Metal Underground

“The Thirteenth Sun created one hell of a debut with Stardust. It’s easy to listen to since it’s not overly technical, but the superb arrangements drag you in like a black hole and keep you in orbit, hitting play again as soon as it’s over. The lukewarm finale is a minor smudge, but it does little to diminish the shine of one of my favorite albums this year so far. If only hardcore technical ability gets your panties dripping, you may consider this boring, but if you love great progressive compositions, don’t miss out on this.” Angry Metal Guy

Black Water was initially a duo consisting in: Silviu Pop (We Are Numbers / Ordinul Negru / ex-Deliver the God) and Sikorsky (The Thirteenth Sun / Round Sound / Aria Urbana / ex-Indian Fall / ex-Code Red).

In this formula, they registered 3 songs (Black light, Burning fire, Deliah is no more), all having the same electro-acoustic base. Once Teo Ardeleanu (The Dignity Complex) joined the band, the sound changes towards post rock / electrogaze, the latest composition becoming more atmospheric.

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