Interview with Inia Dinia

Member of Inia Dinia,Dara Project,Argus Megere and ex member of Negura Bunget

Hello dear and thank you for accepting my request ! Please tell us a bit about your projects, introduce yourself to our readers.
Hello Miruna πŸ™‚
Well, my name is Inia Dinia and I am the former keyboard player of Romanian black metal band Negura Bunget.
In the present time I am involved in 3 projects.
1.My own solo project β€œInia Dinia”.
I compose orchestral cinematic music with modern electro influences.It is still a new project and I hope to release my first album in autumn of 2018.You can take a listen to one of my songs from soundcloud here
2.Second Project ,Dara Project πŸ™‚
Dara Project started a few months after me and Fulmineos left Negura Bunget. We started Dara with friends and musicians from Timisoara and it turned out pretty good. We have our first album out β€œDreptarul Viselor” we signed with Pest Productions from China. We played a few times in Romania, at Exit Festival in Serbia last year and we toured China for two weeks which was quite awesome!
Dara Project is my main focus this period of the year as we are entering in studio to record our second album β€œSi glia lua nume”.
3.Third project is Argus Megere.
Argus Megere is a black metal project from Timisoara that started in 1996 with Fulmineos and Ageru Pamantului. I started playing with them on keyboards at the end of 2007. This year Argus released β€œVEII” and it got some pretty good reviews so we are happy πŸ™‚

How did all started? Tell us something about your time as a music student, then in Negura Bunget. How these experiences helped you become what you are at the moment?

It all started when I was in 9’th grade. I was a student at β€œIon Vidu”Music college, studying harp and piano. Through a common friend from those times, Klepsy, I met Fulmineos and started to play in his band β€œFogland”. After a year or so Klepsy started a new metal band β€œMy shadow” where we started to play together with musicians and friends who in present times are active in the following bands: The :Egocentrics , Blight, Methadone Skies, Implant Pentru Refuz.
After β€œMy shadow” came β€œArgus Megere” and shortly after that β€œNegura Bunget”
I started to play in Negura Bunget at the beginning of 2007. You see, these bands they were all different and in each I learned different things.The Negura Bunget offer came at the right moment when I already had a bit of experience. Because I can tell you that being in Negura Bunget was not an easy job to do. Always being on the road, touring or if not, then rehearsing every day and composing new material. It was a full time job.
I played in Negura Bunget for 7 years. I learned almost everything I know today in those years of touring around the world. So I have absolute no regrets. I met some great people on the road, awesome musicians, made some strong friendships. It was worth every second.

For those who don’t know, Inia was a former member of Gabriel Mafa’s band, Din Brad. How was that period of time for you? Do you miss it?
Those were pretty good times as I remember. I liked playing in Din Brad. A year and something before Din Brad actually started Gabriel told me that he is working on the concept of a new project called β€œDin Brad”. That was all I knew at the beginning. Then a year after Alma and Gabriel introduced me to the concept of the new album β€œDor”. They showed me the lyrics and asked me if I would like to join the project. I instantly said yes. The concept was awesome and they made some pretty cool lyrics. We were going every afternoon to the studio to work on the songs.If I look back to the time when we were working on β€œDor” yes I really do miss some moments. What we have left now, are the music, and our memories of those times which will never fade away.

There is something do you regret doing/not doing in the past?
I have some regrets, sure. Being young, I regret NOT doing some things at certain moments out of fear and insecurity. But they belong to the past now.

What do you feel about the new album of Argus Megere β€œVEII” just released by Loud Rage Music. What is the story behind it?
β€œVEII” turned out pretty good. I read a few reviews and it seems that people like it a lot which makes us happy πŸ™‚ I also noticed that lots of people compare it to Negura Bunget’s β€œVarstele Pamantului” and β€œPoarta de Dincolo” EP which I kinda find it normal since me Fulmineos and Ageru Pamantului are the same musicians that contributed in both projects.
The story behind β€œVEII” is made by Fulmineos and it’s about the relationship between terrestrial nature and cosmic nature, or the inside and outside of ourselves told in different myths about Dragaice, Paparude etc..
Each character from β€œVEII”corresponds to a song, a game of words that symbolizes the Etruscan kingdom and the way they measured time.

Because lots of people ask themselves what has to do a woman with metal, I started a project based on this idea. My target is to talk with most remarkable women in metal. I want to know your honest opinion: Do you think that a female vocalist can give credit to a band or is this a disadvantage? What about a woman which is the main vocalist?
I don’t see any difference. There are lots of metal bands with badass female vocalists. I don’t really think that being a woman in metal is a disadvantage or and advantage. It’s what you do that matters. If you respect people and you respect yourself and you do what you do with an open heart people will respond to your work no matter your gender πŸ™‚

Which one is your favourite band and which one has a strong influence upon you?
I am a big fan of cinematic orchestral music. My favorite artist is Hans Zimmer. I discovered his music during high school and fell in love with it instantly. His music is the kind of music I always wanted to do. You see, orchestral music can express almost any kind of feeling, because it’s complex, you have there almost all instruments at one place, your options are limitless, especially in our days where we have the classic orchestra and also the modern sound. Electro industrial sounds and effects combined with classic sound it’s madness πŸ˜€ So I can say that Hanz Zimmer is the one artist that has a strong influence upon me, and I have to say that last year I got the chance to see him live at Papp Laszlo Arena in Budapest and it was a dream come true. I will stop here because I could talk about this for hours πŸ˜›

What do you do besides music?
Beside music I do music. I work at SoundCreationΒ music store in Timisoara at the pianos and keyboards department and I am a student at β€œGheorghe Dima” Music Academy from Cluj. I study Harp as main instrument.

Thank you for your time again ! Was a pleasure for me ☺ last words belong to you…
It was my pleasure as well.Thank you for this interview.
And to those who read it I salute you with respect and I wish you all the best. Be safe πŸ™‚


Photo credits: Miluta Flueras


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