Harakiri for the Sky & Fjord

Live in Fabrica

June 10 was the day the public had the opportunity to see Harakiri for the Sky performing on fabrica club’s stage. The Post-Rock Romanian band Fjord opened the evening. Both bands had a second concert in Cluj Napoca, Flying Circus club, the following day.

In Bucharest, everything went smoothly in terms of timetable, attendance (the club was full), and sound quality. I was a bit concerned about the sound in there because lately this has been problematic, but apparently they manage to solve any challenge they had in that regard.

Fjord was the band that opened the evening, they played in a well chosen light set-up, with the colors similar with the ones of the cover on their latest album (mainly blue and green), and their foreheads painted in fluorescent paint. They started with 3 songs from their latest album, Portrait for a Reflection, launched at the end of last year. We wrote a couple of words about the launching, here. Afterwards, they moved to songs from their first album. Again, their live performance managed to entwine melancholic parts with crescent riffs, that gave an energetic vibe. I can only say good words about this band that grew a lot, and became one of the best local Post-Rock acts. I’m sure the public and I think alike and their database of fans grew, judging from what I saw in the club that night.

Harakiri for the Sky held two concerts in Romania in the past, both in Brasov. So it was the first chance for the Bucharest audience to see them here. Their latest full length dates last year as well and it’s titled III: Trauma. I’d advise anyone not to miss any future concert with this band, if they are to return in our country. Their show was very powerful, and I believe they bring a breath of fresh air in a scene that’s saturated with post-metal bands. Their music is an interesting mix of extreme metal and post rock, melodic and aggression feel. The performance started with one of their best and most known songs, Calling the Rain, debuting with sounds of thunders and rain pouring. Next, they moved to another catchy blackened anthem taken from an older album, 69 Dead Birds for Utoya, to return to their latest album with the songs like Funeral Dreams, This Life as a Dagger and Viaticum. The encore was My Bones to the Sea if I am not mistaken, but I’m sorry they did not return on the stage for a second encore. The public was ecstatic and very much engaged. I probably repeat myself, but hats off to the local audience, who knows how to be a part of a show and to warmly appreciate the underground bands! Some extra points go J.J.’s sense of humor, who wore a tee inscribed with the words “chvrch bvrner”, I’d say he’s got plenty to chose from if they come back.

Photo credits: Gheorghe Paraschiv


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