Interview with Natalie Koskinen

vocalist of Shape of Despair & Paara

Hello dear Natalie ! Thank you for accepting my request! So, to begin with.. tell me few words about your projects; first Shape of Despair & Paara.

Hello and thank you for interviewing me.. Well…I think Shape of Despair is quite well knowing to the people who listen to that kind of music. I`ve been part of SOD almost forever hahaa, over 20 years now… That music is always going to be huge part of my life.

Paara is more different music from what I do in SOD for example. It´s a black metal with twist of folk and progressive touch in it. I was as a guest for two songs for Paara some years ago. Few month ago guys asked if I would like to join the band as a full member. And why the hell not! Our new album is almost ready and I believe it’s going to reach people with different taste in music. We did a few shows with Paara, last one was in Stockholm (very succesfull for us) and next one is at Tuska, which is one of the biggest metal festival in Finland. Also mini-tour in Uk is coming this fall.

My latest band I joined  called Collapse Of Light. I´m very proud to work with these best Portugues musicians of this genre. We have members from Germany and Uk as well. So it´s kinda European band or something. But who cares about such things when music is just heartbreaking. At this moment I am in Portugal recording an EP for Collapse Of Light. It´s a music for a broken souls. Stay tuned about this band 🙂


What can you tell me about the new( released last year if I am not mistaken) album “Monotony Fields”, out now via Season of Mist. When you started to gather your first ideas for this record and can you give us more insights?

Monotony Fields has been released 2 years ago actually 🙂 yeah..time flies.. . it´s been a very long and rocky road for us, Pasi wasn´t no longer member of SOD and we had to look for another singer and it took some time of course. Finally we found Henri Koivula and he fits us perfectly.  First ideas for the Monot ony Fields starts already 10 years ago I believe. Jarno and Tomi had some beginnings of the songs and they have been working on them  more or less during all these years besides other projects.  After Henri joined our family things started to happen. He did an awesome work on vocals and lyrics.

Choose one song which is close to your heart and which brings you memories.

Are we talking about Shape Of Despair? If so, I have to choose two songs: To Live For My Death and Sleeping Murder

Recently you played at Doom over Bucharest,what was your impression about this festival? 

Oh yes, it was our second time we had a chance to play in Romania. It´s always a pleasure to come back to your country. Our latest show at Quantic was just awesome, I was performing there with SOD and Clouds. Crowd in Romania is just something different from other countries, people are really into music they listen to. When I was singing “in The Ocean Of My Tears” with Clouds, I was amazed when noticed that people were crying and singing with me. It was probably the best gift I ever got. Was really difficult for me to keep myself together on stage. Romanian people are just amazing! Not mention about all talented musicians coming from there. 

Because lots of ppl ask themselvs what has to do a woman with metal, I started a project based on this idea. My target is to talk with most remarcable women in metal. I want to know your honest opinion: Do you think that a female vocalist can give credit to a band or is this a disadvantage? What about a woman which is the main vocalist? 

Can I laugh a bit? I mean…I don´t give a fuck to be honest is it he or she playing as long as music is good. Who cares about genitals, if you know what you are doing and it fits the music you are playing. Could be a blue alien as well.

Do you feel there are any differences of treatment towards women in the underground music scene, as compared to men?

Well…It´s year 2017, but yes, there is still a few braindead redneck who seems to put all their attention on the pointless details.  I guess intelligence is not for everyone. Those who didn´t succeed to do what they want to do have the biggest mouth and “smartiest” opinions ever. I could not care less about some “TRVE CVLT JOHN” opinions. I was doing this for over 20 years now and never will stop until I die. Music is my only passion.

The lyrics seem to have a poem-like structure, I’d say they actually are pessimistic poems… Can you tell us more about them?

Talking about SOD lyrics? Lyrics on our last album “Monotony Fields” are written by Henri. Lyrics are about more or less about negative things in life and about dreaming of escaping to another world. Another dimension.

What does the word “doom” mean to you?

Melancholy. Racking pain. Hidden memories.

Thank you so much for your time Natalie! Was a total pleasure for me to do this interview! Hope we’ll meet again soon in Ro! Any words for Din Intunerec readers?

Thank you for the interview Miruna, hope to see you soon!

Thank you all for listening music I involved to and for your endless support. Means a damn lot to me. Stay tuned for Paara and Collapse Of Light upcoming albums.

full gallery of Doom over Bucharest here by Gheorghe Paraschiv.

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