21.05 - fabrica club

After the concert in Cluj-Napoca we wrote about here, “Crusade of Threnody” Tour continued in Bucharest, in fabrica club.

The gig started on time or maybe even a bit earlier with Bloodrocuted – I arrived 5-10 minutes late and they were already on stage. I regret not being able to watch their full show because I enjoyed what I saw, they have a lot of raw energy and they managed to warm up the public.

The next band was Nekrodelerium, a pleasant surprise for me. They are a Melodic Death / Black Metal act from Norway, with a charismatic lady, Sandra Stensen, as vocal / guitarist.  Her voice is amazing, I wouldn’t expect such growls from such a young woman. Also I liked how they presented on stage, their whole outfit, corpse paint and blood was tasty executed, nothing over the top. From their setlist last weekend, I noted to songs I enjoyed the most, Grief and the last one, Everfrost. I strongly recommend you to check on them if you haven’t.

HATE came to present their latest release, Tremendum, out on May 5th. Most of the setlist was basted on the above mentioned album: Asuric Being, Into Burning Gehenna, Sea of Rubble, Hearts of Steel and Walk Through Fire. Their started with a drumming intro whose vibe and energy stuck with me. Everyone enjoyed this show I lot, public and band as well – they had a special moment in the end where they took a photo with the public. Also, the sound quality was probably the best in the entire evening.

I can’t say the same about Absu, unfortunately, when something must have been wrong and I couldn’t distinguish the vocal quite clearly. As it happened in Cluj, Mr. Proscriptor McGovern was at the drums only at the beginning – maybe 2-3 songs, then he stepped in front and performed vocals only. I appreciate how he communicates with the audience, introducing each songs with a couple of words about which album belong to. The public started to really get into the atmosphere, even engaging in a moshpit. The setlist was balanced between their oldest albums: Apzu – Introduction; The coming of war; Amy; Manannan; Circles of the Oath; Highland Tyrant Attack; Terminus (In the Eye of Ioldanach); A Magician’s Lapis Lazuli; She Cries the Quiet Lake; Bron (… Of the Waves); Stone of Destiny; Tara (Recapitulation). Overall it was a very good performance and since they already been to Romania twice, I hope there is room for more in the future.

The evening ended with Nargaroth, also presenting their latest release, Era of Threnody. In terms of sound quality, at least in the first part of the show the sound was extremely bad and I could see the band trying to point that out to the sound engineer – it got a bit better after the first songs. I’m not sure the public noticed because they unleashed into a sea of head bangings and moshpits. Something tempered the enthusiasm and made some step back from the stage – it was two pig heads which odor was difficult to bear. I discussed or heard conversation after the concert and some said that is Black Metal is about, but speaking strictly for myself, I had to step away from the first row. Antifa seems to love these guys, cause there was a moment when they dedicated one song to them, with a special mention, “f*ck Antifa!”  Songs: The Agony of the Dying Phoenix; Wither Goest Thou; Conjunction Underneath the Alpha Weel; Black Metal Ist Krieg; Hunting Season; Possesed by Black Fuking Metal; Seven Tears are Flowing to the River; Goatcraft Torment (Urgehal cover). As you can see, they started with new songs from Era of Threnody, moving on to oldest albums.

I will end with a couple of words about the organizer, Black Mass Entertainment– is one of the few who brings Black Metal bands to Romania, so if you are a fan of this genre the following gigs are as follows:

Harakiri for the Sky:

Demonical + Author + Angrepp:

Asphyx, Necrovile, Malpraxis:

and of course the much expected Rites of the Black Mass II:


Photo credits: Gheorghe Paraschiv



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