Interview with Sonya (Theatres Des Vampires)

"Candyland is a journey through the corridors of the asylum, through the dread of those who - locked away inside the bulwarks of Pennhurst"

Because lots of ppl ask themselvs what has to do a woman with metal, I started a project based on this idea. My target is to talk with most remarcable women in metal.

Hello Sonya! Thanks for accepting my invitation! Tell me few words about your latest album Candyland? How it’s different than the old ones? Is there some kind of a special concept for Candyland?

Hello there! well , it’s very difficult to compare our past albums with Candyland cause in every album. We try to give something New to our fans. Anyway, after a long stop of more than 3 years there have been many changes within the band , We found a new balance And a new strong energy with a renewed line up. We wanted to show it with a bloody new album  with a powerfull sound! Our  producer Christian Ice and me, together with the band, worked hard everyday on the new album. After our split with Fabian we have started to arrange the new songs from a different point of view, no more starting from the keyboards but from my lyrics, arranging on them and on the rhythm of my words the whole album. So, what came out was a really powerful sound with great guitar’s riffs , surely different from the previous works cause it was different the message we wanted to give to to our fans but still keeping our style..cause mind and heart are always in the vampiric mood ..The name of the new album is inspired by a room, different from all others, with colored walls and bars on the windows. A room described as hell on earth by the inpatients of the infamous Pennhurst asylum in Pennsylvania, where for decades adults and children with severe mental problems where hidden away from the public eye.

A sad but alas true story, and the patients themselves renamed that room – with its brightly colored walls from which nobody could leave – Candyland.

Candyland is a journey through the corridors of the asylum, through the dread of those who – locked away inside the bulwarks of Pennhurst –  were left to live in the lone company of their deepest and most harrowing fears, told through their words, accompanied by their cry of desperation.

Never to be understood. Never to be free. Never to be truly alive. Each song has got its strange and scary story.

What were your expectations for this new album?

We really hope to have the chance to play  all around the world spreading our vampiric music everywhere and We wish to play also in new countries  we’ ve never been before! We would like to meet all our fans from different Places.. And taste their Blood of course… We will do our Best to play as much as possible.

Soon you’ll visit Romania for Rock’n’Iasi festival, how do you feel about it? It is the first time you’ll be here as far as I know, in the land of Dracula haha.

Finally!!! We Are so excited to play at Rock n Iasi festival! We’ve been to Bucharest and Cluj Napoca in our past Tours but never in Iasi! We Are looking forward to meet our fans and some Bloody Vampires !

Talking about Dracula and vampires, how came up the idea of giving the name Theatres des Vampires to your band?

The name “Theatres des Vampires” was inspired by a fictional location created by Gothic fantasy writer Anne Rice of The same name. Rice’s Theatres des Vampires is a Parisian theatre in which vampires pretend to be mortal actors,

Their performances consisting of the feeding on mortals disguised as part of a play and staged in front of human Audiences. The location is mentioned in several of Rice’s books, including Interview With the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat. We all have a great passion for vampirism and I think our kind of gothic metal is perfectly linked with this attitude…in all our albums we create an obscure atmosphere…sometimes more symphonic..sometimes more violent but you can always feel a melancholy that drives our songs..

Who are Theatres des Vampires main influences?Also, musically the band has a unique style, how do you describe it?

Everything can inspire us..feelings, literature, music, paints..poetry, novels, novels about vampires… Our last album is inspired by that true story About Pennhurst asylum But not only by that. i love to Explore humAn fears, the dark side of our world And of our mind And I love every form of art. I travel a lot And I like going to see museums And reading books, I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, by life itself with its emotions. We all Have a different background, from gothic metal to black, to prog, classical music , opera etc.. It’s really difficult to say What have influenced us most… i like to think We Are the soundtrack of your best nightmare..

Since 1994 until present you released 10 full lenghts. Which of em is your favourite?

I prefer our album after 2006 When I become the only singer of the band i had the chance to write all the lyrics and talking care about our atmosphere from that moment. I feel these albums closer to me from Pleasure and Pain to Candyland. They are a part of me.

Does the new album had an influence upon you, in changing your look I mean (from black to red) ?

No, that’s just because I’m a woman and We need to change our hair ‘s colour sometimes! Thinking about the next one.. May be purple, let’s see!

I know it’s been only few months since Candyland was released,  but what are your plans for the future?

We Are planning our next gigs, a tour in Latinoamerica , Russia , some gigs in europe.. May be china..We will let you know!

Thank you for your time & for your answers dear Sonya! Last words belong to you..

Thank you Miruna for the interview , thanks to Din Intunerec’s readers for the attention and a Bloody kiss to all our Romanian fans ! See ya the 20th of May – Rock’ n ‘ iasi festival ! Blood is life…

Rock’n’Iasi event

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