Interview with Déhá

"So it almost always goes back to music."

Hello Deha ! Thank you for honoring my invitation to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and your main musical projects (I know are plenty haha) to our readers.

I’m Déhà, 32, musician for too long, born in Belgium, was in Bulgaria for four years and a half, back in Belgium now. I am a music producer (mixing, mastering, recording, etc) and musician.
. Clouds : I don’t think we need to introduce this band.
. Maladie : German band of “weird” progressive, melodic black metal. I am a vocalist, but not only (composition, arrangements, choirs engineer, keys, …)
. Lebenssucht : German depressive black metal band, bass & voices & composition
. Imber Luminis : Solo band of depressive / post / black metal but with a twist.
. Yhdarl : Duo of suicidal music (black metal, noise, drone, …)
. Slow : Atmospheric funeral doom metal, solo
. Aurora Borealis : instrumental ambient post rock
. Merda Mundi : black metal
. And more.
What can you tell me about the artwork on Imber Luminis? There is a story behind it?
Each and every artworks, pictures present on Nausea are indeed personal works with friends. I do some harsh retouching with the moniker “I Breathe Needles”, and everything on this layout was made by myself.
Every picture was chosen, everything has a meaning. And no, it’s not for everyone to hear.
Couple days ago you began a new project called Ter Ziele. Tell us a bit more about it. What did inspired you to give this name to it & what were your main influences?
TZ is a band we started L. and myself several months ago, where the goal is to release past (or actual) traumas. It’s DSBM, to the bone. We want just to exorcise our pains and sufferings through music.
“Ter Ziele” is old Dutch and means, in a way, “to pass away (soul)”. It’s a beautiful expression.
We don’t have influences. We just write music and scream. The purpose of the band is also to invite singers from all around the world sharing our vision.
We released publicly “Shut it out” which is a song that will be on our first album “There is no useless pain”, announced for 2018.
Recentely you were in Romania for the 4th time if I am not mistaken… what is your opinion about Romanian public, atmosphere, everything?
Oh it’s different from Belgium for sure. I can’t say it’s different from Bulgaria, it seems that Eastern Europe has its awesome perks as for our music. The Romanian public is dedicated, like the Bulgarian one. They not only listen, but despite the lack of money (or the standard differences), they will buy stuff, go to shows, move for hours in a coach to get some live music. This is awesome. The atmosphere is great, as usual, but I’m not the best person to ask about atmosphere.
You were living for couple of years in Bulgaria, how is the Bulgarian metal scene, comparing to Belgium for example?
Amazingly filled up with quality bands from a lot of different styles. I had the chance last year to be a judge to the BG edition of the Ostring festival, and it was awesome to discover bands, but to talk to them, give them advice, etc.
The scene is big, I’m sure I don’t even know half of it. Dimholt, Orenda, Vrani Volosa, Obsidian Sea, Bolg, Trysth … such amazing bands.
What do you listen in your spare time besides your music (haha) Did you discover any album you would recommend, lately? Tell me a song which echoes in your head at the moment.
I work on myself as much as I can, but I would just enjoy listening to music or working visuals when I have the time. I don’t really have any album to recommend at this moment, as far as new ones goes. As for a song, simple : Sigur Rós – Glosolí.
What does Deha doing besides music?
Visual, reading, self work, meditation, writes. I try, at least. I miss listening to music. Really listening to music I mean. Just sit down with something to drink and/or eat, and giving all the attention to the music. I miss that.
So it almost always goes back to music.
Thank you so much for your words. Was a pleasure. Do you have anything to add in the end?
Cut your flesh and worship Satan.
picture by: Gheorghe Paraschiv ( you can watch full gallery here )
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