Interview with Cadaveria

Horror Metal from Italy

Because lots of ppl ask themselvs what has to do a woman with metal, I started a project based on this idea. My target is to talk with most remarcable women in metal.

Hello Cadaveria and thank you for your time & for accepting my request! Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us something about you. How did Cadaveria as a band grew up in a very nice way, all this since2001 until the very present.

I started CADAVERIA band in 2001 with drummer Marçelo Santos, with the intent to create a virtual space where to freely express ourselves as extreme artists. We came from a previous 10 years experience in the pagan occult band Opera IX and we felt the need to release ourselves and, let’s say, to enlarge our music horizons. Besides being musicians both of us are also video makers, so basically we produce everything concerning the band, from music (thanks to guitarist Dick Laurent who is a music engineer) to music videos and, sometimes, album artworks too. We are proudly 100% independent and do it yourself, as the Karma double DVD testifies. Since 2001 we released five full length albums, some singles, a double DVD and an EP. We have played shows here and there in Europe, Russia and Central America and after over 25 years of music career I’m still here alive and kicking.


I was very impressed about the latest song, Christian Woman which is a Type O Negative cover but my question is why this song? Type O Negative had lots of ‘touchy’ songs if I may say that.

Christian Woman single comes from our last effort, Mondoscuro EP, released on CD in late 2016 and now available on vinyl limited edition. Bloody Kisses album was one of the soundtracks of my youth and when we decided to insert a cover in the EP we immediately decided for Type O Negative, since all CADAVERIA band members have been listening to them for a long time. Probably the gothic atmosphere you can perceive in our music comes from those roots. Well, the idea of Cadaveria herself singing Christian Woman lyrics was so attractive to me that I could not resist. Nothing more ‘touchy’ than singing “jesus christ looks like me” and then this song is full of darkness and  sensuality, two essential aspects of my personality. I’m glad to have paid tribute to giant Peter by performing this.

Have you planned a new album this year which will include this song as well? What does the nearest future look like for the band? Will you appear on any summer festivals? 

Our latest full length Silence came out in November 2014. Since then we never stopped working on promotion and live shows. We don’t have an agency and to organize all the shows is very demanding and time consuming. Mondoscuro EP itself was a hard step. Currently there is a project going on: we are releasing three singles from it and I’m interpreting the songs’ titles for the cover artworks. February’s Christian Woman was the first, Dominion of Pain the second and it came out on March 23. Mater Tenebrarum will be the third and it will be released by the end of April. Singles are released in digital and can be found on all digital stores and streaming platforms. After this we will re-release our second album Far Away From Conformity (originally released in 2004 and sold out since 2009) on CD and vinyl. I re-recorded the vocals on two songs that went lost for bad backup, we remixed all the stuff and remastered it and we created a new artwork. I’m very excited ‘cause the whole result is so good! Expect the release this Summer. Then we will start working on new composition, so it is too early to speak about the new album release now.

In 2010 you were in Romania for the first time. Even if passed 7 years already can you remember things about the concert? Some impressions about the public? Would you come back?

I perfectly remember everything of that experience. The venue in Bucharest was super. It was called Silver Church, I hope it still exists. It was full of people. Great night, warm fans. Then we went to Cluj-Napoca and it was hell too! We definitely want to come back, but the promoter who invites us in 2010, with whom I’m still in contact, is no more producing live shows. It is a hard period for live music, I know, I can see even great names join forces in tours to survive. However CADAVERIA are available and don’t need rock star backline, so if any local promoter is interested in getting us there, they can just drop me a line.

What groups influenced a lot on you and your music? Do you remember the first album that you bought and impressed you a lot? Whose album it was?

I can tell you the first song I heard was Overkill’s Elimination and one of the first album I bought was Dynasty by Kiss together with Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. When I started it was 1991 and I was one of the very few women in the metal scene and, in addition, I’m a growler/screamer, and this was very uncommon too. In that period I had the chance to listen to Holy Moses and I learnt I was not alone. Merciful Fate, Venom, Death, My Dying Bride, Sepultura, Type O Negative were my frequent listening so I guess they have influenced my artistic growth. Soon I reached a personal style so I cannot say I had a specific muse.

Your honest opinion: Do you think that a female vocalist can give credit to a band or is this a disadvantage?

Since the Eighties television “educated” people’s mind to see women’s body as a promotional vehicle. In the last 15 years heavy metal have adopted the same marketing technique. Nowadays it seems image is more important than music and I can hardly define “Metal” many of the bands that have a female singers. The spirit of metal, like the spirit of rock’n’roll, has nothing to do with makeup tips and pictures posted by female singers on social networks in this last period. New generations fans have no idea of what Black Metal is and meant in the Nineties.

Cadaveria,I really enjoyed my time talking to you! Thank you very much for this interview. Please feel free to add anything you would like as a parting comment.

Thanks for this. Have a great one and please continue to follow us on

Memento audere semper.


Interview by Miruna Vitriol.

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