Gravespawn-Inexorable Grimness

Grim Ancient Black Metal

Hails once again from the land of Transylvania,I’m once again put into the position to review one great release,this time coming from the United States, California, we have Gravespawn. Well first of all let me introduce you a little bit to the band, it started as a one man project in 2004 by Reaver( Seth Brooke), and by now it evolved into a full band being joined by Advorsus(Andrew Inman), Verigo(Charles Lucia) and JF(Jackson Ferris) having two splits with Indesiderium,Wormreich,Diabolus Amator and Vesterian, one full-length and three demos.

It’s latest release, the Inexorable Grimness EP is the one we will go through today, it has been recorded and mixed at Vae Victus Studio, and relesed as a CD on the 3rd of August 2016.
The record holds five tracks of as the band calls it Grim Ancient Black Metal and you can feel it right from the opening track, Old Dragon’s Domain a song that goes from an war anthem like intro to an excellent demonstration of well executed black metal driven by IF’s relentless assault of double bass and blasts, and what I really liked is that the keys are not put on all over the track,but only during the chorus and during some transitions, to be honest it reminds me a little bit of Dimmu Borgir’s early work. Reaver’s vocals focus on a more rather harsh like voice sometimes doubled by growls, but still quite clear to understand and it blends quite well with the rest of the track. Moving on with the tracks I can clearly notice that this release is bound to the second wave black metal, while sometimes adding chanted clean vocals such as during Oath of the Annihilator.

This whole EP is an example of well executed Black Metal rooted in the old times of Satyricon and such, quite a nice surprise coming from the United States scene.
Overall I find this release a very well made EP, driven by a generally cold atmosphere, sweeping trem riffing and a precise merciless percussion.


1.Old Dragon’s Domain

2.Oath of the Annihilator

3.The Gates Ablaze

4. Between the Devouring Monstrosities

5.Scribes of Forsaken Lore

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Gravespawn-Inexorable Grimness
Gravespawn-Inexorable Grimness
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