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Progressive Metal

The Dignity Complex (Progressive Metal, Brasov) lanseaza pe 9 aprilie albumul de debut „Accede” în Club Quantic, Bucuresti. Invitati speciali sunt Ropeburn si Negative Core Project.

The Dignity Complex este un proiect ambitios din Brasov ce abordeaza într-un stil propriu conceptul de metal modern. Atât actualii cât si fostii membri The Dignity Complex pot fi recunoscuti prin activitatea lor în alte proiecte românesti precum Days of Confusion, The Thirteenth Sun, Deliver the God, Indian Fall, Black Water, QuantiQ.

Full-length-ul „Accede” a fost compus de membrii The Dignity Complex în perioada 2011-2016 si include atât numeroase influente din zona Metal, precum Djent sau Deathcore, cât si pasaje Post-Rock / Atmospheric.

Materialul a fost înregistrat, mixat, produs si masterizat de catre Andrew Istoc, cunoscut ca fost membru The Dignity Complex / QuantiQ, împreuna cu actualii membri ai trupei. Artworkul albumului este semnat de Mircea Vlad.

Albumul si doua modele de tricouri vor fi prezente sub forma fizica in ziua evenimentului.

Mai jos puteti asculta single-ul Hermetism:

Albumul poate fi gasit pe toate platformele majore de streaming online si este valabil înca din data de 21 ianuarie când membrii au decis lansarea in format digital.


În prezent, The Dignity Complex au urmatoarea componenta:

Tudor Costea – Voce
Teo Ardeleanu – Chitara
Tudor Constantinescu – Chitara
Alecu – Bass
Alex Halmagean –Tobe

Negative CORE Project (Bucuresti) si-au auto-intitulat stilul ca fiind „Gangsta Rock” dupa o perioada de 6 ani de existenta în diferite componente. Momentan trupa lucreaza la lansarea unui Split DigiPack (NCP x DEFUNCT) care va însuma vizual si auditiv majoritatea experientelor si experimentelor prin care membrii acestor proiecte au trecut dar si interviuri cu apropiati si concerte live.


Muzica NCP se poate asculta integral, aici :
Video Oficial :
PROMO : Teaser – DigiPack:

Ropeburn (Hardcore/Punk/Sludge, Bucuresti) este o trupa ce exploreaza sunete Hardcore Punk, Metal si Sludge pentru a le exprima cât mai placut posibil publicului. Religia, traumele personale si angoasa sunt principalele teme alese de trupa ca protest împotriva starii de superficialitate a umanitatii.


Biletele se gasesc in format electronic pe si in reteaua fizica : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX – Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman si pe terminalele self-service ZebraPay din toata tara.
The Dignity Complex (Progressive Metal, Brasov) launches on April 9 the debut album “Accede“, in Quantic Club, Bucharest. Their special guests are the bands Ropeburn and Negative Core Project.

The Dignity Complex is an ambitious project based in Brasov, who approaches the modern Metal in an unique style. Both the actual and the past members of The Dignity Complex are well known for their activity in other ROmanian projects such as Days of Confusion, The Thirteenth Sun, Deliver the God, Indian Fall, Black Water, QuantiQ.

The full-lenght „Accede” was composed within 2011 and 2016 by the band’s members, and incorporates many influences in the Metal area, such as Djent or Deathcore, or Post-Rock / Atmospheric insertions.

The material was recorded, mixed, produced an masterized by Andrew Istoc, ex-member of The Dignity Complex / QuantiQ, together with the members of the band. The album’s artwork is signed by Mircea Vlad.

The album and two t-shirt models will be available to be purchased at the event.
Below you can listen to the single Hermetism:

The album can be found on all important online streaming platforms and it’s available since January 21st, when the members decided its digitial format launch.


The Dignity Complex has the following current line-up:

Tudor Costea – Voice
Teo Ardeleanu – Guitar
Tudor Constantinescu – Guitar
Alecu – Bass
Alex Halmagean – Drums

Negative CORE Project (Bucharest) self-titled their style as „Gangsta Rock”, after 6 years of existance in various line-ups.  Now, the band is working at a Split DigiPack (NCP x DEFUNCT) launch, which will be a video and audio sum of  most of the experiences and experiments the member of this project went through, but also interviews and live concerts.


You can listen to all of NPC materials in full, here:

Official Video :
PROMO : Teaser – DigiPack:

Ropeburn (Hardcore/Punk/Sludge, Bucharest) is exploring Hardcore Punk, Metal and Sludge to present them in the most pleasant manner to the general audience. Religion, personal trauma and anguished are the main themes chosen by the band as a form of protest against the human superficiality.


Electronic tickets are available on and physical tickets in network: Flanco Shops, Unirii 1 subway station near Metrorex ticket office, Muzica shop, Club Quantic shops, IQ BOX shops – Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Perfect Tour Agencies, Uman shops and on self-service ZebraPay terminals all over the country.

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