The Moon and The Nightspirit – Metanoia

Neo-Medieval Folk

Ágnes Tóth and Mihály Szabó from The Moon and the The Nightspirit are back with a new amazing album to enchant you. The album’s name is Metanoia, meaning ‘a return to the pristine and pure path of crystalline existence’, and set to be officially released on March 17, via Prophecy Production. The album comes as a CD Digipack and CD-2 box, and it can already be preordered on the label’s page, here. Besides performing, Ágnes is also the creator of the artwork that accompanies this album.

1. A Hajnal Köszöntése
2. Az Elsö Tündér Megidézése
3. Mystérion Mega
4. Kilenc Hid
5. A Fény Diadala
6. Metanoia
7. Kristálymezök
8. Hen Panta Einai (Minden Egy)

Bonus CD:
1. Az Elsö Tündér Megidézése (remix by Tamas Katai)
2. Mystérion Mega (remix by Nightspirit)

I listened the album in advance, and I was drawn by the album’s title and concept behind it.  I remember reading somewhere metanoia being described as a journey from the darkness, towards the light. Indeed, Metanoia is the perfect soundtrack to evoke the spring coming, with its first rays of pure light and the rebirth of nature.

First two tracks are similar in structure, with layers of instruments and Agnes’s angelic, frail voice that gives the listener the impression she’s telling a story.  The album is very complex in terms of composition, all sort of instruments being incorporated in the music, the violin and piano playing the most important role. The overall feeling this music inspires is melancholia, but at times the tone changes. “A Fény Diadala” seems a bit playful, and “Kilenc Hid”, one of my favorite tracks, resembles a dark, mysterious summoning.  On “Metanoia”, Mihály Szabó’s whisped voice comes to complete Agnes’s. I believe “Metanoia” is one of the most beautiful and complex tracks, in terms of vocals, instrument and the feelings it awakens to the listener. The final track, “Hen Panta Einai (Minden Egy)”, ends the journey in a slow, enigmatic manner, giving a chance to the listener to completely loose himself in the mesmerizing universe this music creates.



Metanoia is another musical exploration of the fantastic, medieval realm The Moon and The Nightspirit are connected to. The album is a must for fans of folklore inspired music, such as Faun, Trobar de Morte or Daemonia Nymphe. But even you are not necessarily a fan of folk, I invite you to give it a try, you will probably find yourself subdued with their ethereal, fairytale-like air.

The Moon and the Nightspirit - Metanoia
The Moon and the Nightspirit - Metanoia
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