Medico Peste – Hallucinating Warmth and Bliss (New Track)

Black Metal

Medico Peste‘s history goes back to the winter of 2010, when they formed in Krakow, Poland. A demo followed the next year before their debut album, א: Tremendum et Fascinatio, in 2012. There, Medico Peste portrayed a vision of black metal which incorporates dark and oppressive atmospheres, created through dysharmonic riffing, eerie vocals, and a taste for insanity and the macabre. And yet, the band’s sound is always evolving, and while strongly rooted in traditional black metal, Medico Peste inject elements of non-metal genres into their music, vividly painted across their brand-new Herzogian Darkness.

The release of their upcoming mini album, Herzogian Darkness, is set for March 30th by their label,W.T.C. Productions.

1. Herzogian Darkness
2. Hallucinating Warmth and Bliss
3. Le Delire De Negation
4. Stigmata Martyr (Bauhaus cover)

Listen now to the second track on the album, Hallucinating Warmth and Bliss:

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