Interview with Hocico

Aggrotech, Harsh & Dark Electro ElectroRock-Music

Hello and thank you very much for accepting this interview. Can you please tell us in a few words a little bit about your band for the readers which are not familiar with Hocico?

Hocico is Racso and Erk, we were born during the witching hour in Mexico city. Once we realized we can get the devil to dance along with our beats we set out to bring hell to the world!!!

At the end of March you will visit for the second time Romania after your show at Rockstadt Extreme Fest. How did you find your first interaction with the Romanian audience and what are your expectations for the concert in March?

It is great to have the chance to play Romania again a few months later after our show at Rockstadt! We had a amazing experience at the festival last summer. The crowd was energetic and crazy! We enjoyed the discharge of adrenaline!  This time we are coming back to play in a club and we really want to make the show to feel more intimate and take that adrenaline levels to the next level, we are preparing a loud set with lots of violent songs to bow up your ears!

In my opinion Germany has a varied scene when it comes to Dark-Electro-Industrial, a bigger audience and the music is more promoted. Do you feel different when you perform in countries where people don’t know / don’t listen that much to this kind of music?

Yeah, the scene is Germany is huge, but anyways any kind of music scene is huge in Germany. For us it doesn’t matter what city we are playing,  we always enjoy performing and give 666% The size of crowds varies from place to place but the energy that is created during the show is just about the same everywhere!

What is your opinion about being part of a Metal oriented festival? Do you enjoy the Metal music?

Oh yes, we enjoy metal music and we have no prejudices whatsoever about music styles. Good fucking music is good fucking music!!! We are very glad that many metal heads enjoy our music around the globe and we get to play some of the festivals. We really feel welcomed in the metal world!

Can you tell us a bit about your main influences both in music and in lyrics? What is the main concept behind Hocico?

We feel compelled to talk about the evil side of humans and the negative side of life!

Back in 1993 we started by describing our constrictive environment in Mexico City and then we started describing the madness we hear about or experience ourselves around the world. We love violence in music and art. We like to tell histories that are provoking, we like to scream about everything we hate,  about what we think is wrong, about what repulse us, about what makes us very furious! Hocico is a version of this reality looked through angry eyes. We use all this hate and negativity to create a bomb of adrenaline on stage.

Do you have any plans for a new album in the near future?

We are working on a new EP release right now and we are going to release our first “Best of” record by the middle of 2017 titled “The Spell of the Spider”

Where do you prefer to play mostly? Indoor or outdoor? Is your sound more powerful indoor then outdoor?

We enjoy playing both indoor and outdoor but I think Hocico’s black magic can be more pleasing in an indoor room.

How do you find the Mexican scene? Is music appreciated in Mexico?

Fuck yes, Mexico is a very musical country and I don’t mean just folklore, Mexico has an ever growing underground scene ranging from all kinds of extreme music, Metal, punk, experimental…etc… there are concerts and parties every weekend and there interesting bands coming our from Mexico all the time.

Our Mexican fans where the ones that pushed us right from the beginning and we are still very happy every time we get to play for them.

Do you have a specific place where do you enjoy playing at any time?

Mexico City, Berlin, Moscow, Athens…

Thank you for your time and see you at the concert in Bucharest. Do you want to add something at the end of the interview for your fans?

Bring it on Bucharest! The Mexican Devils are coming!


Photo credit: Miluta Flueras

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