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It’s once again the time to dwell in the realms of East European Black Metal with this strange record a combination between Drone,Raw Black Metal and Black Metal coming from the Slovenian duo of Mørke and Ulv. The album was self recorded and produced by the band one the 20th of November 2016 and it features four tracks in the following order:

  1. Alien Nation
  2. Nun Attack
  3. In death,erection!
  4. Answersters

As I said this EP is quite a strange combination and surely it imposes that from the straight beginning starting with a mono guitar tone developing unto a drone like track going to a very lo-fi raw black metal like style and finally going into a more like melodic black metal note even with a few folk elements. Quite a strange brew indeed it may not be everyone’s cup of tea nor it’s intended to be that way but I quite liked it since you don’t see this kind of things in a single track too often. The next track starts with a merciless noise attack that will make even the ones used to raw black metal say the fuck is this but it slowly transcends to a slowly classic black metal rhythm but the vocals still remain on the lo-fi side, and again I am left quite impressed by how this band succeeds to amaze me with each track proving that even in the filthiest, darkest depths of black metal you can find something beautiful.

I have to tell you straight from the beginning that this is not a record for everyone since it’s a very strange mixture, for me it was an interesting trip, others may not enjoy it , it all comes down to how open minded you are and if you can go beyond all the noise parts(even if it gives the that uniqueness that you can rarely find in today’s black metal music) you will end up pleased with this album.

Snøgg Qivitoq
Snøgg Qivitoq
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