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Koneskin reveals the title of their upcoming album. Sergio Ponti had given us an insight about it, as follows:

“We have the title of our full-lenght: A World In Reverse. We are extremely happy with the music we are going to record starting next Friday at Manifatture Musicali. The track list will be as follows: Variations on “Truth”, The Dark Garden They Say, Liberty Place, Blue Rain, Soulan. Musically, the album is heavier than our debut EP and rhythmically more involved, yet there’s still a lot of space and air in it, which I feel is our stronger characteristic. We also have the name of the artist who is taking care of all the artwork, but we’ll keep it for the next announcement… just know all the artwork is coming from Romania again!”

Koneskin is set to record the new album from March 5th-7th at Manifatture Musicali Recording Studios, with famed engineer Claudio Cattero. We chose this studio because of its relaxed atmosphere (it’s situated in the middle of the Alps) and the pristine quality of the drum sounds. The album, yet untitled, will contained 6 songs. Some of the titles are “The Dark Garden”, “Soulan”, “They Say”. On a curious note and to give a sense of conceptual continuity, the track “Liberty Place” will be part of this album and it was not featured on the previous debut EP, which beared the same name.
We are looking at a late May/early June release date and we are already working on live gigs. I will personally introduce and play a new song to the Romanian audience during my upcoming performance at the next DrumStage Kick The Spring Drum Festival to be held in Bucharest on March 18th.”

Sergio Ponti

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    4 April 2017 at 6:47 am
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