Interview with Crescent

Blackened Death Metal

Hello there and first of all I would like to thank you for accepting our request!

Hello, cheers! You ‘re welcome.

First of all I would like to ask you how did Crescent came to existance?

During high school myself (Ismaeel) and Amr Mokhtar (Crescent’s drummer) decided to start up a black metal project in 1999 Basically we are the founders of Crescent. Since then we still carry the name up till today.

I noticed that your style changed quite a bit over the years,since Pyramid Slaves seems to be more melodic than the prevoius releases,also the themes changed from the first EP forward on,how did this changes came?

True we started as purely a blackmetal band back 99 inspired by bands as Dissection, Emperor, We made an album that we also never recorded after that Demo by couple of years and it was also in the same vein of Swedish black metal influenced bands, By time I personally started to incline more towards a heavier sounding death metal and I excluded the idea of recording that blackmetal full length and actually I threw it in the trash bin. In search for our own sound and then we came up with the EP “The Retribution” and that’s basically what we started to get attracted to more. You have millions of swedish death metal bands, and we in Egypt and in the East have a huge heritage that is very rich. Then as a succession comes Pyramid Slaves in sound but with adopting the ancient Egyptian theme. Guess we are ought to present it our way. There are endless inspiring stories that we also fell in love with. Of course many stories we knew it before but also a lot to explore and address in your own way.

Since you guys come from Egypt can you give us a couple of opinions regarding the extreme metal scene over there?

It’s quite small, It could have been bigger but it went through lots of changes. Currently it’s a small scene but the few bands that we have are productive and they have determination which gives hope and a better future for the generations to come. Before we had plenty of bands but they were usually cover bands and with the new Millennium growing bands started to present their own songs. Which is pretty good!
We have few venues to perform at like Sakya Culture wheel for example (a place at the Nile in the heart of Cairo) and we were privileged to perform in the library of Alexandria and many other former venues. None of the bars here host Metal shows or play Metal music, Mainly other genres of music. We used to have CD’s shops but also by time and by the age of download rose and purchasing CDs isn’t really a culture any longer.

So what does the future holds for you guys, do you plan any more releases in the near future?

We are recording our new full length titled The Order Of Amenti. It consists of 7 songs and it’s one hour long as Pyramid Slaves. The album in each song talks about a different Ancient Egyptian god. Musically it’s the same direction of Pyramid Slaves but we would presume it sounds  mature, It’s quite straight forward yet very rich with endless melodies, lots of uncompromising blast beats and grooves. Intense eastern sounding tunes, It’s quite balanced and it will ravish the extreme metal scene.

Also this autumn you participated at Rockstadt Indoor Fest,what impression does this fest and country left you?

The Rockstadt Fest was pretty cool, We enjoyed the atmosphere, Meeting the bands we shared the stage with was also great. The venue is pretty spacious and we enjoyed every single bit of it. And indeed we loved the Romanian crowd. You have a beautiful country and beautiful people, kind, hospitable and cultured. We would definitely look forward coming back again to perform.

Any words for your fans?

If we have followers now in Romania we would like to thank you for your support and we will definitely come back again! Keep it true and real!

Thank you again for your attention and hope to see you guys again soon!

Thank you! All the best!

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