Shadows Over Romania

Dark Funeral/Carach Angren/Syn Ze Sase Tri/Eternal Fire

So here we are back again into action,this time attending at Shadows Over Romania:Dark Funeral/Carach Angren/Syn Ze Sase Tri/Eternal fire,which took place at Quantic club,Bucharest,organized by Live Nation Promotions.
First of all I would like to say a couple of things about the venue itself since this was my first visit there. Unlike other venues around Bucharest,Quantic has a separate concert room which is quite big and I really aprreciated the fact that even if there were around 600 peoples at the concert there was plenty of space to move around,the scene if placed so you can view the show from pretty much any angle of the room. Now let’s move on to the show itself. The show started with a little bit of a delay,but as soon as the staff let people enter the room the first band on the bill came on stage. What was interesting was that even if Eternal Fire is relatively new and has only played a couple of live shows this year they knew how to do their apperence at the show. As soon as the band came on stage,the vocalist came among the public towards the stage with an quite mystic apperance,going with his lamp through the public and on stage. I have to admit that for me this was the first time I saw this band live so I didn’t know what to expect from them but as soon as they started they succeded to hook me up with their melodic black metal songs,filled with keyboard accents that made me feel like in the middle of a pagan ritual,and as I looked around me it seemed that the public was also caught by their chants.

Now moving on to the next band,the Transylvanian blood stained metal from Syn Ze Sase Tri,a band that has a long history behind it and which came with a brand new line-up to the show. First of all I must say that I had quite some expectiations from them since this isn’t the first time I saw them live and each time they really made an outstanding job on the scene.With their shiny leather armor and shining sigils they come on stage displaying the sign of the wolf and they surely delivered a great show even if the sound overall was a little bit too loud on the vocals. Also they did something very special by dedicating one of their songs,Inaripat Si Impietrit,to the victims of Colectiv. To add to the note,the new line-up consists of Corb-vocals/guitar,Suier-vocals,Mos-guitar,Dor-drums and to be honest they raised up to their name even with the sound issues and the new line-up.

Moving on it was time for one of the headliners,the dutch tragedy masters,Carach Angren and what a show it was,having a various playlist that consisted both of songs from This is No Fairytale like When Crows Tick On Windows and Two Flies Flew into a Black Sugar Cobweb and from their older releases such as Bitte tötet mich,Sir John and the ending song Bloodstains on the Captain’s Log. And one thing that you won’t usually see at a symphonic black metal concert is a full size wall of death. Yeap that’s right,Carach Angren made the public do a wall of death.Is that something right to do or wrong as the trve kvlt elitists claim? We’ll leave that up to you.I really enjoyed the whole stage presence,in which the music and acting were combined wondurfully into something that was out of this world,and beside that I may add that Namtar did an outstanding job  on the drums.

Before I even noticed the show came to an end and now it was time for the swedish satanic madness to come on stage and while people were waiting for them there was quite some action on the stage,the whole crew setting up their gear and stage. As soon as the lights went out and the fog machines turned on Lord Ahriman, Dominator, Heljarmadr, Chaq Mol and Gustaf Hielm came on stage and before we even noticed they started their set with Unchain My Soul. And what an energetic show they did! Unfortunatelly due to the delays and being on a Thursday night people started to leave early but the ones that stayed didn’t regreted a single second. Having more than 20 years of experiance the band really shown how to propperly make a black metal concert.With songs such as 666 Voices In My Head,Atrium Regina,Nail Them To The Cross and My Funeral but also with something that couldn’t be missed especially here in Romania,Shadows Over Transylvania. Overall in the end it was a great night and show even if it was delayed and the show took place on a Thursday night,so a big hails goes towards Live Nation Promotions for making this possible,also many thanks goes towards the sound team and the venue staff and least but not last to the bands that made this night a special one.

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