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Hello Nine, I’m glad that you accepted my invitation to answer these questions.
The pleasure is mine.

WORMWOOD is a side project of your, besides Withershin . Was entirely your idea or are you a part of it?
I am not sure I would call it a side project because both are different entities. Both require different things. Whilst Wormwood is more active, Withershin is a slumbering giant who awakens from time to time with ferocious vie.

What about the gigs? where did your first concert take place? I would like you to tell me full details about the first steps you took with this band, please.
We were asked to play on the same gig as Månegarm the 14th of June 2014. We saw it as a good opportunity to test our sail on home-soil with an audience not knowing what to expect. They were pleasantly surprised.

You were in Romania twice. First time with Withershin and then with Wormwood. Do you like our country? Is the Romanian audience different from the Swedish public? Do people have the same kind of enthusiasm everywhere you go, or is your music received differently according to the places you go?
Romania is very different from Sweden in many aspects, but that is a different subject. The reception we got from the audience in Romania with Withershin and Wormwood was overwhelming. One of the best audiences I have had the pleasure to play for. They don’t take the bands for granted and they give everything they have on gigs.
Our state of mind does not change, no matter where we play. Be it Russia, Sweden or Romania. Every ritual is different, yet the same in that sense that we go out to perform as good as humanly possible every time. We do not change. When you see Wormwood or Withershin, you shall except the unexpected and enjoy the ride.

Tell me about your EP, The Void: Stories from the Whispering Well . Who wrote the lyrics, and who was responsible for most of  the instrumental part?
The concept behind the EP is from my journey through the northern parts of Sweden. I’ve gathered stories and anecdotes whilst reading in books and talking to people. I’ve created the mythos and the mystery. Some are fictitious and some based on true event. It’s up for the reader to fins what’s what.
Rydsheim, the guitarist, is the mastermind behind all of the songs (except for some riffs in A Virgin Smeared on Stone which Jothun created). He created the perfect atmosphere for what the different stories should tell. Let’s not forget Nox who did all of the solos on the album. The beastial blasts from Jothtun and the doom-laden bas from Borka is a big part of the sound as well.

What is with this name: WORMWOOD. Was is your idea? Or did something or someone inspire you? What made you chose this rather common word? Does it mean something special to you or the band?
Wormwood is a star from the Bible which crashed down on earth and made the water sour and the people sick that drank from it. It has many more meanings as well. One reason why I did choose the name was from an old anecdote I found whilst being up in the north. They were talking about something called ‘Tomrummet’ (the void). A reference to an evil, ominous force which have haunted different parts up there. This ‘void’ is my reference to Wormwood. The forest void.

Where do you see yourself in the near future? Any plans or visions for this band or is it the kind of side project where you let the inspiration and ideas flow and just watch where it takes you?
As we speak we are creating songs for over upcoming full-length album. More information about it will come later.
We might also in a near future have some information about an upcoming European tour.

You are doing vocals for Withershin as well as for Wormwood. What band takes most of your time and if it were to choose one as a priority, which one would it be?
As I stated before. Withershin and Wormwood are very different. Both stimulate different parts of my brain. Both require different set amount of time. I cannot choose because both are a part of me.

Thank you a lot for the interview! Hope that you will come again in our country. Finally, what would you like to say to your fans and audience in Romania? What is it that they should look forward to experience during your future performance?
No matter where our fans comes from, you’re an essential part of our inspiration and future. Stay true to yourself and follow the voices from The Void.
Can you hear the hissing in the wind? That might be us coming to Romania soon…

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